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Parent Information Night - Big School

6pm Thursday - June, 24th 2021

On an annual basis, My Planet Childcare organises a Parent Information Night.

It helps families gain information and knowledge regarding what we do to Educate and Support their child in preparation for a "Ready Child" and their transition to Big School.

Presenters from Guildford Public School will be attending and information packs from our other local schools will be provided.

All current families are encouraged to attend.

Event is also opened to the community, so if you currently do not attend My Planet Childcare Care please contact us on or 9632 8010 to secure a place.

Update 24/06/20201 Due to the new Covid Restrictions enforced by NSW HEALTH, and to ensure the safety of our community members, families, educators and children, My Planet Childcare Team decided to cancel the Parent Information Night scheduled for tonight.

We will be organising the event in collaboration with Guildford Public and Granville South Schools to be scheduled in Term 3 and once the Restrictions are eased .

Please stay tune to new Date and Time to be announced in the coming weeks.

Thank you for your understanding and cooperation. Please keep safe and warm



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