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About My Planet Childcare

A Fun and Dynamic Learning Experience

Founded in 2013, My Planet Childcare are a family owned and operated long day centre where we foster a family atmosphere. We aim to help all families feel welcomed and our qualified team encourage each child to grow, learn and develop. These are the most precious years and we are here to help your child in their journey before they get to “Big School.”

What we Provide:
  • Everything, all you need to bring is spare clothes and a bottle.

  • Purpose built centre that is clean and safe.

  • Focus on Education, Inclusion and the “Ready Child” for Big School.

  • All Meals prepared by our qualified cooks.

  • Online access to OWNA to view routine information, information about your child’s day, weekly programs, educational records, photos, etc 

  • Transparency and open communication

  • Over staffed - we go over the number of Educators required.

  • Dynamic and interchangeable learning environments based on our Curriculum 

  • An Animal/Pet Therapy and Learning Program. 

  • Educational Progress Meetings

  • Close working relationships with your Allied Health Professionals and Organisations. 

  • Community Walkabout and Big School Excursions

  • Library System where children are able to take home books to read - Coming Soon

  • and Much More...

Our Philosophy

Where Children Come First

At My Planet Childcare Centre we recognise that every child comes to the centre with a different set of experiences, talents, skills, ideas, interests and different needs. Our aim is to provide high quality care and education to encourage their uniqueness by creating a secure, warm, loving and nurturing environment that fosters the individual needs of each child.


​Some activities include:

  • Fundamental Movement Skills (Munch and Move) – rolling, crawling, running, jumping, side step, leaping etc.

  • Hygiene practices such as catch your cough and washing hands.

  • Dental Health - followed with a dental incursion at our centre where a dentist will conduct activities and then perform oral health checks for all the children.

  • ​And so on

Education and Program

We believe children are unique individuals who develop at their own rate, and thus by providing enriching, meaningful and realistic opportunities children will explore, create, discover, and imagine.  Our programs reflect planned (deliberate, purposeful and thoughtful) and emergent (spontaneous) experiences designed to support children’s development in all domains, giving them opportunities to become decision makers, motivated and inquisitive learners.

We aim to create an environment of trust and respect, where we work towards achieving a shared goal.

We recognise Staff as our Service’s most precious resource and aim to provide them with a satisfying and safe working environment.


We value community involvement in all aspects of our program and where community resources are utilised effectively to enhance the growth and development of individual children, families, and Staff.

We embrace diversity within our Service and the wider community, so that children view this diversity with a sense of appreciation and wonder rather than misunderstanding and fear. 


We acknowledge that family is the most important and influential aspect in the lives of young children. We also believe that the partnership between parents and staff is crucial in providing the best care for each child. My Planet Childcare Centre aims to ensure we involve parents and families into all aspects of the curriculum and its implementation as it is central to ensuring continuity and progression in a child’s learning, development and future success.


Children inherit connection to the natural world and as Staff; we understand that children often develop their ideas and understandings of the world around them from the information presented to them by the significant adults in their lives. As we are one of these significant adults, we have a responsibility to present a positive approach to the environment and aim to have eco-friendly practices. We do this by germinating the seeds for becoming environmentally responsible adults in the future.

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